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  • A resident of Ofra, in the Benyamin region, for some 40 years
  • Married to Anat ( Rusnak), father of seven and proud grandfather of many across the entire country
  • Holds senior administration and organization roles in tourism and hospitality
  • Produces movies, multi-participant events, and biographical books writer
  • CEO of a Senior Exclusive Residency

Senior lecturer specializing in the history of Jerusalem – a series of lectures:

Jerusalem's Hidden Heroes

Documenting the human story from Gush Katif.

There is a Place I Remember

Documenting journyes to Jewish communities around the globe in the television travel docu series he created and produced:

The Wandering Jew

  • Managed tourism companies in Israel and abroad, a guide and operator of kosher tourism, manages quality hospitality initiatives for the religious and traditional population
  • Certified manager (Tourism Ministry) formerly with the Palm Beach hotel in Gush Katif
  • Initiated, established and is operating the Jewish hospitality at the Seven Arches hotel on Jerusalem's Mount of Olives
  • Certified manager (Welfare Ministry) and CEO of Hod Denya – a Jerusalem community for Senior Exclusive Residency

Target audience in the Jewish world

Target audience in Israel

A variety of fascinating lectures:

"Jerusalem's Hidden Heroes"

Was the battle over the Jewish Quarter in 1948 a "fixed match"?

" An historic and human experience – the story of the defenders of the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem in 1948 as told by their young commander, Moshe Rusnak, the man who embodied in his actions and character the saying "Where there are no men – you should strive to be one".

A lecture given by Nati Malchi – the late Moshe Rusnak's son-in-law.

"Jerusalem's Young heroes "

The story of Chaim (Chili) Shalem

A young paratrooper in the "Ammunition hill"  – Six-Day War

Can you imagine a bloody battle in the trenches in the heart of Jerusalem?

Chilli – a young paratrooper who fought in the death trenches of Ammunition Hill during the Six-Day War among exploding grenades, sharpshooters and alongside his falling friends and commanders

A lecture by Nati Malchi – a close friend of Chaim (Chilli) Shalem

"The Wandering Jew"

It's simply cannot be!!!

What motivates a respectable rabbi to pack his belongings and every week visit any location where there are traces of Jews?

A 600-year-old Torah scroll in the heart of the Amazonas – a sign of a crumbling Jewish heritage?

Will we meet with the Jewish pirate "face-to-face"?

A lecture by Nati Malchi – creator and producer of the The Wandering Jew TV series.

"There is a place
I remember…"

Gush Katif the human story experience

2005 – Right after the fast of Tisha B'Av – that's when it all started…

we all remember.   Do we really remember?

The last one who (did not) turn off the lights, a mother and her four daughters murdered in an ambush, the rabbi who fell to pieces, the security officer whose life will never be the same…

"There is a place I remember…" – the human story experience of Gush Katif.

Evacuation and expulsion of 21 Jewish settlements, 9,000 men, women, and children … displaced from the Gush

A lecture by Nati Malchi – former resident of Gush Katif, manager of the Palm Beach hotel, creator and producer.

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