"Jerusalem's Young heroes "

The story of the paratroopers' heroism in the "Ammunition Hill" battle In Jerusalem/ the Six-Day War

"… we weren't taught to be heroes…"

"Time stopped in Eitan's watch…"

"… Zeevik the bazooka operator and the flare of the bazooka…"

The lecture

Who is a hero? How is a hero made?

Why did the Six-Day War break out when Jerusalem wasn't even in the plans for fighting and liberating?

The paratrooper who, alongside his friends, stormed ahead in the face of the fire and hell of the most fortified target in Jerusalem, lost his friends and commanders.

The stories of fighters in a night of a heroic battle.

The breathtaking and moving story of Chilli -a paratrooper and fighter on the "Ammunition Hill" during the Six-Day War Given by Nati Malchi, a researcher, creator, and certified lecturer -a close friend of the paratrooper Chaim (Chilli) Shalem.

A lecture accompanied by a rich presentation, pictures, interviews and rare video clips.


"Jerusalem's Young heroes "

The human stories, personal testimonies and more from the makers of Fascinating Lectures - Nati Malchi - to listen and experience together

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