The Wandering Jew

The travels of Rabbi Eliyahu Birnbaum –
"the Jewish Indiana Jones".
Travel and behind the scenes stories by the creator and producer of the television series – Nati Malchi

It simply cannot be!!!

  • Jewish pirates, who keep Shabbat and Kashrut???
  • "Taliban", Muslim – Bnei Israel???
  • Chief Kakungulu circumcised himself, wears a tallit, and puts tefillin???
  • In which "promised land" gold grows on trees???

The story of producing the well-known, beloved television series The Wandering Jew, where series creator and producer Nati Malchi follows the journeys he led, shares fascinating, moving and entertaining behind-the-scenes stories about his production, Rabbi Birnbaum, and the production crew.

Rabbi Eliyahu Birnbaum's world outlook: "Wherever I go – I go to the Jewish people" becomes a reality and is presented in travels and impossible stories from around the globe.

Travels following the footprints of Jews, communities, individuals, synagogues, cemeteries and obscure stories.

In the lectures Nati Malchi presents the travels together with video clips from the series, documents and many, many fascinating stories.

The lecture of Nati Malchi, researcher, director and creator, accompanied by video clips and archived clips

The content of the lectures:

טעימות מהמסע...

"The Wandering Jew"

The human stories, personal testimonies and more from the makers of Fascinating Lectures - Nati Malchi - to listen and experience together

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